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Leigh Abernathy is the creative force behind Twining Vine Designs.


That’s me. 

I’m driven to create, whether it is jewelry or felted hats or food, I’m always making something, exploring new ideas.    I take a lot of  inspiration from the natural world around me–I live in the woods on a lake in the foothills of the Ozarks, and enjoy spending time outdoors in this glorious place.

Inspiration also comes from my family–my VERY tolerant husband, who not only supports but encourages all my messy creating, and my sons, where the inspiration is often direct, as in “Mom, will you make me a tiger hat?”  They are also patient models, trying things on to help me see how it is working, and they even love to play with fire at my jewelry bench, melting metals and learning to solder...

Fiber?  Well, I have been hooked on fiber from the first time I put my hand in a bag of wool. I just love it. Wool: such a great renewable resource, providing perfect material for my whimsical hats, creatures and accessories.

I adore it in all its forms—fresh from the sheep and smelling of the barn; washed, combed and dyed; curls, roving, it is all beautiful to me! Working with shepherds and producers who share my love of the natural beauty of wool, I seek out the best fleeces and fibers for my yarns and felted projects.

I thrive on developing new ideas, turning my imagination into reality, testing and working and reworking a design until I’m satisfied.

Sharing my knowledge brings me as much joy as creating, and I Iove teaching the unique No-Roll wet-felting methods I’ve developed that make the process faster and easier. Teaching or making, I strive to share the pleasure of working with wool.

I’m a member of the Arkansas Craft Guild, and have been fortunate enough to serve on its board for several years, and currently serve as the Standards and Jury chair.  What a great group of artisans I am fortunate to know!